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"I am the Very Model of an Ancient Roman Emperor" is the first song of the second season of the Animaniacs reboot, featured in the episode "Rome Sweet Rome."

It is a parody of "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General," and is the second Animaniacs song to parody this, following "I Am the Very Model of a Cartoon Individual." This is pointed out following the song, when Wakko tells Yakko that he preferred the "original version" to Nero's.


I am the very model of an ancient Roman Emperor
I overspend and overtax and overthrow my treasurer,
I marry family members from my cousin to my stepsister
I’m always right, I’m never wrong, just ask this neutral senator
Senator, under threat: Th-That is correct.
Through sound investigation by Praetorian Inquisitors,
My mother and my brother were revealed to be conspirators
But mother dear’s no longer here, this bust helps me remember her
I am the very model of an ancient Roman Emperor
Yakko Warner:
He fiddles while the city burns, he rules with fear tyrannical
Dot Warner:
He’s lazy, brutish, and ill-willed, he thinks that he’s infallible
Wakko Warner:
His hands are small, he steals from Gaul, his writing's ungrammatical
Yakko, Wakko and Dot:
He’s making Roma great again, dogmatic and fantastical
He’s gormless and irascible, tragic and autocratical
Maniacal and radical, positions problematical
Takes endless golf sabbaticals, his tweets are unsyntactical
Yakko: Um, we're still talking about Nero, right?
Yakko, Wakko and Dot:
He’s a narcissist, a petulant, unscrupulous embezzler
He is a very model of an ancient Roman Emperor


  • While made for comedy, much of the song's nods to Nero had omitted certain aspects of his reign.
    • At least according to Suetonius, Nero led a relief effort after the Great Fire of Rome (though his planned construction of luxury palace in burnt area and persecution of Christians didn't help with his allegation of negligence and even starting the fire itself).
    • His marriage to his cousin and stepsister was for political purpose, which they were promptly divorced after the elimination of his mother and married his mistress (Poppea) while exiling her husband Otho (who would become one of the successors in the "Year of Four Emperors" after end of Nero's reign).
    • His relationship with his teenager named Sporus was left unmentioned, possibly due to the explicit nature (especially his attempt to "make her his wife") of their relationship not being appropriate for show's intended audience.
  • While Nero's verses are historically accurate, several of the Warners' lines are obvious references to Donald Trump, who was President of the United States at the time the episode was written (though had been impeached by its airing). Definitive lines include:
  • Other lines may include references, such as: