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For her AI copy, see Julia (AI).

Julia (formerly J37 and Julia Brain) is a recurring antagonist within the Pinky and the Brain segments of the Animaniacs reboot. She is a genetically-altered laboratory mouse the ex-wife of The Brain.

Initially a well-meaning and caring mouse who disapproved of the abuse Pinky endures, she eventually becomes Brain's worst rival. Due to a malfunctioning mind controlling-device connected to her cerebrum, her personality now incorporates both Pinky's insanity and the Brain's calculating nature. She first appears in the cartoon "Mousechurian Candidate."

She is voiced by Maria Bamford.


Julia is brunette with brown fur on her back, yellowish underbelly, and a brown spot around her left eye. In "Mousechurian Candidate", Julia starts and ends the episode naked, but wears a green pantsuit on the campaign trail. Clothed or not, she goes barefoot throughout the episode. Like other female mice that have appeared in the show, she has a curvaceous body and looks notably more humanoid than the duo. In "Reichenbrain Falls", she spends part of the episode disguised as Pinky, and is briefly seen wearing a spacesuit; otherwise, her outfit is a spy catsuit and bare feet. She has an ear tag attached to her right ear and an electronic chip in the other, the latter actually being an obedience device put on by Brain to control her. Her tail is straight like Pinky's but forms a zigzag near the end, similarly to Brain's.


On her introduction, Julia was the moral opposite of Brain, being against his more brutal methods such as child labor and likely World Domination. She also disapproved of his treatment of Pinky. Her personality was made-up of the best elements of First Ladies throughout history. Despite being a genetically altered mouse, she initially had a heart of gold and showed care towards others except for the Brain. As a result of the Brain's actions, however, Julia is now an evil mad scientist mouse, combining Brain's intelligence with Pinky's insanity, bent on revenge on the duo. Julia seems to have an interest in wordplay and reading as she makes bad puns while threatening Brain, requiring her to backtrack for a better one, and mentions about how she "sometimes gets into fights on Goodreads" in the same episode. When Brain sarcastically comments on her plan to steal his code and activate the electromagnetic pulse, Julia also mentions, upon being questioned, that she got in Iowa Writers' Workshop but decided not to go because she "wanted real-life experience," which could imply she has a talent and/or skills in creative writing. Despite her apparent madness and attempts to take over the world and cause problems for the two mice, she seems to be more indifferent -and slightly caring- towards Pinky than Brain, whom she despises, although she does show him some respect after allowing him to come up with a better one-liner, and was clearly ill at ease following along with her ex-husband's plan after she read his script about having children build bombs, indicating that she does have some honour and redeeming qualities.


She was specifically chosen by Brain as his candidate for a First Lady to join him in his presidential election. The public grows to favour her over Brain, and she takes his spot after winning the primaries as a write-in. Gradually, she develops a moral compass and begins to resent Brain’s megalomaniacal plans. When she tries going against Brain’s demands prior to a presidential debate, Brain activates a device to control her. Her will proves too strong for Brain’s device and she fights it, causing her to undergo a feral reaction and scare the public away from her. She then goes missing in the woods, Brain and Pinky assume she has reverted to a primal state. Unbeknownst to them, she has set up headquarters in a log and is spying on them. She retains her intelligence albeit with a slight electric shock, and a slightly more unhinged attitude.



  • For much of March 2023, Julia's article was the most-viewed article on the entire Animaniacs Wiki. By the end of the month, her article was surprassed in view-count by "Yakko's World (song)," but she remained in the 2nd spot in the top 3 (the third most viewed article was the reboot itself).
  • Julia’s leitmotif is an inverted version of the Pinky and the Brain theme song.
  • Her origin story partially resembles the origin of Harley Quinn, another character created by Warner Bros.
  • Julia's role as Brain's ex-love interest with an intelligence to rival his and the threat of taking over the world before him is most likely a reference to Billie, another female genetically altered mouse from the original Animaniacs and the Pinky and the Brain spin-off series. Unlike Julia, however, Billie is a bit nicer towards Brain, only conspiring against him in "Brain Noir" and in his dream. Additionally, despite her intelligence, Billie is very airheaded and ditzy in a similar way to Pinky while Julia's insanity is only a result of Brain's actions and the slight shock she receives from the electronic chip to her ear.
    • She seems to be a mix of Billie and Snowball from the original series; she’s a genetically spliced lab mouse set up as a love Interest for Brain (Billie), but she’s as smart as (if not smarter than) him, and becomes an evil former friend bent on revenge against him at the end (Snowball).
    • She also becomes a composite of Pinky and the Brain, because she's both a genius and insane.
  • Upon watching Reichenbrain Falls more than once, one might notice "Pinky" acting slightly off throughout the episode, which is one of the several signs that foreshadow he's actually Julia in disguise, which Brain eventually figures out.
    • He says "Gort!" instead of "Zort!" and then corrects himself.
    • He guesses that Brain's code might be significant mathematical constants like pi and e.
    • He correctly notes that there are 100,000 possible five-digit combinations, then goes slightly nuts while considering that fact.
    • He calls Brain "babe".
    • His response to Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? isn't quite as nonsensical as usual.
  • Even though Julia and Romy (Pinky and Brain's son) never meet, in a sense, Julia was technically Romy's stepmother while she was married to Brain. The same could mean for Brain's other "son", B.R.A.I.N.
  • She bears a slight resemblance to Mousey Galore.
  • Maria Bamford herself is famous for making jokes concerning mental illness, playing different personas and changing her voice multiple times during a performance, which may contribute to casting her as Julia.


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