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The Julia (AI) is an artificial intelligence copy of Julia created by The Brain. She appears in the Animaniacs reboot cartoon "All's Fair in Love and Door," where she serves as the main antagonist. Like the original Julia, she is voiced by Maria Bamford.


Just like the real Julia, Julia (AI) is brunette with brown fur on her back, yellowish underbelly, and a brown spot around her left eye. She is fully clothed with a green suit and grey pants. Her tail is straight like Pinky's but forms a zigzag at the end, similar to The Brain.


In her first appearance, Julia (AI) acted exactly like the real Julia and cared a lot about Brain. However, she drops this act when she finds out she was never real. Julia (AI) then loses her cool towards Brain, calling him a "poopy liar".



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  • The AI Julia may be a reference to the recreated Vision from the 2021 Marvel Cinematic Universe series WandaVision. The recreation of Vision was recreated by Wanda Maximoff to fill the void left by the original Vision. Unlike Vision, however, Brain recreated Julia not due to her death, but because he felt bad about how he had treated the real mouse.