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Just Reboot It! is a song about reboots from the 2020 revival of Animaniacs.



They ran out of ideas for fresh new shows,

so Hollywood did the only thing it knows

Murphy Brown, Melrose Place, Gilmore Girls, Lost in Space.

That's So Raven's what they're cravin'.


I know that's a show worth saving!


I vote X Files for a comeback.


Duchovny's still a real snack!


Will the Golden Girls be darker

All three:

if we resurrect Bea Arthur?

Reboot it, renew it!

Reshoot it, redo it and reuse it, retool it!

Abuse it, just spew it!

If you wanna make some easy cash, just recycle and rehash


Repeat it, reinstate it!

Reheat it, recreate it!

There's no need to feel frustrated,

simply just regurgitate it.

All three:

For a guaranteed ratings smash, dig it up out of the trash, come on...just reboot it!


Will and Grace, and Dynasty

Sweet 16 on MTV


Blue's Clues, Twin Peaks, and Fargo

Go catch Carmen Sandiego


Just relax and take the flak

If people want it, bring it back!

Looney Tunes, Queer Eye, and DuckTales

Just reboot it, 'cause it sells


Take something foreign, then translate it

Shamelessly appropriate it

Even if the old fans hate it

All three:

Get the script rights cleared!


You've done sequels, tried for prequels


Think of all the streams that equals

Utilizing these techniques

Wakko and Dot:

Will make your shows revered, shows revered!

All three:

Reboot it, renew it

Reshoot it, redo it

And reuse it, retool it

Abuse it, just spew it!

If you wanna make some easy cash

Just recycle and rehash

Repeat it, reinstate it

Reheat it, recreate it

There's no need to feel frustrated

Simply just regurgitate it

For a guaranteed ratings smash

Dig it up out of the trash

Come on, just reboot it!


  • Murphy Brown, Melrose Place, Gilmore Girls (retooled as A Year in the Life), Lost in Space, That's So Raven (retooled as Raven's Home), The X-Files, The Golden Girls, Will and Grace, Dynasty, My Super Sweet 16, Blue's Clues, Twin Peaks, Fargo, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego, Looney Tunes, Queer Eye, and DuckTales were all referenced and mentioned on this song, However, Hawaii Five-O and ThunderCats were neither referenced nor mentioned on this song.
  • Ironically, the 2017 revival of DuckTales was announced to be concluding after the third season around the time the episode featuring this song was released.
  • The "Johnny 2: Telling Lies" is a reference to the memetic nursery rhyme, "Johnny Johnny Yes Papa". This is further implied by the prequel poster, which shows a toddler Johnny Depp eating sugar from a sack.[1]
  • Goof: When the Warners are working on their frankenstein-like monster near the ending of the song, Dot takes off her skirt for a few frames.