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This article contains information about merchandise related to the Animaniacs franchise.
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Just Toys, Inc. (also stylized as JusToys), was a company known for their "Bend-Ems" line of bendable figurines, usually based off animation brands. During the run of the original Animaniacs, JusToys partnered with Warner Bros. to release toys inspired by the brand.

Animaniacs Merchandise[]


The 1994 Bend-Ems line consisted of 3-5 inch bendable figurines of Yakko Warner[1], Wakko Warner[2], Dot Warner[3], Pinky, and The Brain[4]. The figurines were sold together[5] and separately.



Back-Of Box[]



During the original production of the toys in the mid-90's, they could be found in various stores such as K-Mart.

Today, they are available in varying quantities and condition from various second-hand sellers such as eBay, Amazon, Mercai, flea markets, thrift stores and other outlets. Due to renewed public interest in the Animaniacs brand stemming from the 2020 reboot, the toys occasionally become rarer and more expensive (especially around late-2020 to mid-2021).


  • Modified versions of the Bend-Ems figurines of Yakko and Dot were infamously used in a Robot Chicken parody of Animaniacs.
  • In 2022, the Bend-Ems brand was revived under the toy company TCG Toys.[6] It's currently unknown if they will acquire the Animaniacs license for new figures.