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Kiki is a light green pigeon hen who appeared in the Goodfeathers segments of Animaniacs. She is one of the Girlfeathers and Pesto's recurring girlfriend, and is characterized as being optimistic, if a little dim-witted.


Kiki is a pigeon hen colored with green; her top half is a light shade, while her bottom half is darker. She has a small orange beak, pink feet, and large black eyes. Her head is also a little small.

Her "featherdo" is very short, consisting of curled bangs (which she likes for being "easy to manage"), and she has three feathers making up her tail.


Kiki is very bubbly and cheerful, but notably dim-witted and consistently slow on the uptake. She is almost always happy, playful, and is often giggling about something someone has said. She's also a bit of a follower, usually doing whatever is suggested or repeating whatever the other Girlfeathers have said. She is less impressed by violence than the Goodfeathers,>[1] but and is able to beat up her male counterparts if she wants to.[2]

She shares many personality traits with Squit, such as their cheerfulness and obliviousness.



Kiki is Pesto's recurring girlfriend and a member of the Girlfeathers, along with Sasha and Lana. She is very loyal to her friends and incredibly supportive of them, and they often travel and chat amiably about their casual lives in a very fast-paced back-and-forth. Kiki, at one point, joined the other Girlfeathers in beating up the Goodfeathers for temporarily losing Sasha's egg.[2] Her and the girls have no stake in the Goodfeathers' territorial disputes or fights, and believe the only thing the Goodfeathers have going for them is "going out with us."[1] They do, however, perch with them on the Martin Scorsese statue.[3]

Kiki is more often seen with the Girlfeathers than Pesto, though she seems to enjoy their relationship. She is excited by the prospect of playing "hide-and-go-smooch," and is happy to see Pesto at the Grand Canyon.[1] She also expresses a desire to marry him in "Pigeon on the Roof" and tricks him into proposing, though this sketch is later confirmed to be scripted, leaving that aspect of their relationship status unclear.