L.A. Dot is a song from the Animaniacs episode Hooray for North Hollywood Part II. The music and lyrics were written by Randy Rogel.


Hey look! It says "L.A. DOT" on the side of the bus! They put my name there! Boy, does this town love me or what?
Uh, excuse me, Dot, but—
L.A. Dot, L.A. Dot,
That's the sign that the bus has got
Written up where everyone can see
Me, L.A.D.O.T.
Spells L.A. Dot;
Who'd've thought
The one so cute could be this hot?
The metro line has built a sign for me.
When I go walking down the street
All the folks I chance to meet
Will wave and smile and throw a fuss
'Cause I'm the girl whose name is on the metro bus!
And no else
Has that spot
Meryl Streep and Cher do not
Madonna, she is totally not
No, the only name there's L.A. Dot!
'Cause I'm the best
Still, I'm floored;
Who'd have guessed I'm so adored?
You'd think I'd be conceited but I'm not.
No, no!
I'm just simple, humble, gorgeous L.A. Dot!
I'm overwhelmed
Quite a lot
Blown away; I kid you not!
Who would have expected
For a sign to be erected
Saying L.A. Dot?
But hey, why not?
I am a star from the Warner lot
Who they're thinkin' of 'cause they're all in love with me.
So if, my friends, you chance to spot
A great big bus with "L.A. DOT"
No need to ask or wonder why
You know that it was put there by
My loyal fans
Who clap their hands
And cheer while banging pots and pans
They'll greet me now with marching bands a lot.
Yeah, yeah!
Yes, they put me on the bus
So that every one of us
Could see that they love L... A...
Dot, excuse me, but that's not your name. L.A.D.O.T. stands for Los Angeles Department Of Transportation.
Oh. Well...
You can find me on my web page spot
It's W W W dot Dot dot
Yakko and Wakko:
Dot dot Dot!
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