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Lana is a purple-and-white pigeon hen who appeared in the Goodfeathers segments of Animaniacs. She is one of the Girlfeathers and Bobby's recurring girlfriend, and is characterized as being very laid-back. Her character is a parody of Cathy Moriarty's portrayal of Vikki LaMotta in Raging Bull.


Lana is a pigeon hen with white-and-purple feathers; her head and neck are white, with the exception of a stripe around her neck, while her lower half is purple. She has a small orange beak, pink feet, and blue eyelids.

Lana's "featherdo" swoops towards the top of her head, giving the impression of hair. She has two large feathers making up her tail.

Lana believes herself to be fat, though the other Girlfeathers deny this;[1] she is indeed drawn a bit larger than the other birds.


Lana is a smooth-talking woman, never seen raising her voice. She is also incredibly laid-back and seemingly unphased by her surroundings. She is incredibly honest and forthright, though never intentionally rude, and believes a lot in her loved ones, such as encouraging Bobby to fight Pretty Boy Robin[2] or uplifting her fellow Girlfeathers, Sasha and Kiki. She is less impressed by violence than the Goodfeathers,[2][1] but can be tough when need be, and is able to beat up her male counterparts if she wants to.[3] Overall, she is very chilled-out and relaxed.

She is a talented nest-designer, and has considered doing it professionally.[1]



She first appeared as a parody of Cathy Moriarty's portrayal of Vikki LaMotta in Raging Bull, in the episode parodying the film.

Lana is Bobby's recurring girlfriend, and is very supportive of him, fully believing he could beat up Pretty Boy and often stopping by just to see him; she is also shown to be worried when he gets hurt in the fight, one of the few times she shows visible emotion.[2] Their relationship can be a bit rocky, though, as she is quick to avoid him with the other Girlfeathers[1] and implies in "Do You Want Me?" that she dislikes his inability to express his feelings.[4] At one point, she did leave him for the Godpigeon,[2] though she returned to being Bobby's girlfriend in all of her other appearances. They got engaged in "Pigeon on the Roof," though this sketch was confirmed to be scripted, leaving that aspect of their relationship status unclear.

Lana is very loyal to her other Girlfeathers, more than she is to the rest of the Goodfeathers. Her, Sasha and Kiki often travel and chat amiably about their casual lives in a very fast-paced back-and-forth, and are very supportive of each other. Lana, at one point, joined the other Girlfeathers in beating up the Goodfeathers for temporarily losing Sasha's egg.[3] Her and the girls have no stake in the Goodfeathers' territorial disputes or fights, and believe the only thing the Goodfeathers have going for them is "going out with us."[1] They do, however, perch with them on the Martin Scorsese statue.[4]