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This list is for human characters who appear in Animaniacs, listed in chronological order. (Note: Parodies of real life people don't count unless the real life counterpart appears as well)

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan (born February 6th, 1911 – June 5th, 2004) was a former American president and actor. He was the 40th president of the United States throughout the 1980s.

He first appeared in De-Zanitized in a flashback where he tells Dr. Scratchansniff that he had a dream that he'll become president, only to write in his notepad that he is uncurable.

He later appeared in Of Course You Know, This Means Warners.

Voice Actors

William Shatner


William Shatner (born March 22nd, 1931) is a Canadian actor. He is most famous as Captain Kirk from the Star Trek series.

He first appeared in Gimme a Break when he was telling Slappy about something on the plane's wing. Slappy then gave him a sponge, which he uses to contact the Enterprise to beam him back in the ship.

Prior to his appearance, there was a character that was a parody to him named Willie Slackmer.

The Olsen Twins

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (born June 13th, 1986) aslso known as The Olsen Twins are American twin girls. They are most famous for playing Michelle Tanner from "Full House", a show owned by Warner Bros.

The were first mentioned in Lookit the Fuzzy Heads by Yakko when Scratchansniff was having someone over to hang with them during their sessions.

Scratchansniff later mentioned them in A Hard Days Warner when he gotten trampled by the Warner fans, saying he wished he worked for them.

Tom Hanks

Thomas Jeffrey "Tom" Hanks (born July 9th, 1956) is a American actor, producer, and director. He is most famous for playing the title character Forrest Gump and Woody from the "Toy Story" series.

He appeared in Gimme a Break when Slappy was waiting at a bus stop, and he was in character of Forrest Gump. He ate a chocolate from the box he was holding, only to have his face exploded.

He later narrated Boo Happens, which happens to be a parody of Forrest Gump.

Voice Actors

Dick Button

Richard Totten "Dick" Button (born July 18, 1929) is an American former figure skater and skating television analyst. He is also the only non-European to become a European Champion.

Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan (born 1480 – April 27th, 1521) was a Portuguese explorer. His main quest was to find the East Indies. He died when he reached the Philippine Islands.

Episode appearances

Magellan only appeared in The Ballad of Magellan from Episode 82.

Voice Actors

Ernest Hemingway


Ernest Miller Hemingway (born July 21st, 1899 – July 2nd, 1961) was an American author and journalist. He was most famous for writing "The Torrents of Spring","The Sun Also Rises", and "A Farewell to Arms". He died on July 2nd, 1961 due to suicide.

In Papers for Papa, Hemingway was living in Key West, suffering from writer's block. He was then interrupted by the Warners when he got his shipment of poffice supplies. He refused to sign the receipt, due to him having hallucinations of writing. Because of this, he tried run away from the Warners, only for them to pop wherever he goes.

He finally signed the receipt, but wrote over it when he came up with a brilliant story, and refuses now to give it back. The Warners brought Ralph to scare him off in order to bring the signed paper back.

Voice Actors

Martha Graham


'Martha Graham was a American dancer and choreographer. She was famous for using the term "Picasso of Dance".

Graham appeared in Ten Short Films about Wakko Warner when Wakko needed to do some rehearsals on running into a wall and fall down.

Voice Actors