Look At Rita! is a short song from Les Miseranimals.


Kitty Dukockis: Look at Rita, primping up her fur.

Cat Ballue: Thinks she's such a fancy one Just listen to her purr.

Kitty Litter : Arrogant Rita, oh so marvelous.

All three: Haughty precious kitty, better than the rest of us. PU, girl, you're odoriferous!

Kitten: Guess what I saw; I saw it with me own eyes.
Monsieur Tristesse has no more meat for his pies.
Believe it or not, he threw Fat Cat in a pot.
Fat Cat escaped but if Tristesse has his way
He'll make a Fat Cat soufflé!

Dukockis: No, not a cat!

Kitten: It was Fat Cat.

Ballue: It was a cat?

Kitten: A kitty cat!

All four: Oh, save us, God! We're living with a Sweeney Todd!

Ballue: Give him Rita; Rita's nice and fat!

Dukockis: Rita must be tasty, why, she's an aristocrat.

All four: To the kitchen; throw her in a vat!
(Rita roars)

Rita: Never underestimate the little guy.


  • This song is a parody of "Lovely Ladies" from Les Miserables.
  • This song uses an allusion from the novel Sweeney Todd, depicting a man who pretended to be a barber who killed his customers and cooked them into pies. This is a clear reference to Rita's owner being a parody of Sweeney Todd.
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