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Lumberjack Cigarettes is a song from the Pinky and the Brain cartoon "Inherit the Wheeze." The song is performed by an unseen chorus (Michael McKean, T'keyah Crystal Keymah, and Tress MacNeille).


This song accompanies the Paul Bunion Tobacco Company's new commercial for their Lumberjack Cigarettes brand. Due to FCC regulations on "truth in advertising," the lyrics contain honest, derogatory lyrics about the long-term effects of cigarette addiction.


Lumberjacks are swell
And they make your clothes smell!
Above and beneath
They leave--[COUGH]--
Stains on your teeth!
Pick the leaves of dead tobacco
Chop 'em up for Lumberjack-o
Rolled up tight and lit on fire
Suck 'em down 'till you expire!
So when you get yens
For those carcinogens,
The Lumberjacks you bought
Taste like--[COUGH]-Cigarettes ought!