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Make Me the World's Leader is a song sung by the Brain and Pinky from the episode "Pinky at the Bat," which is sung to the tune of the classic song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."


The mice sing the tune to the cheering fans of their team, the New Hampshire Pineapples. Despite Brain's rather blatant and obvious lyrics about his ambitions for world domination, the fans enjoy the song and don't even think twice about what the lyrics mean. At the end of the song, Brain bribes the fans with a promise for free season passes upon his take-over of Earth.


The Brain:
Make me the whole world's leader
Make me ruler of all.
Give me jurisdiction o'er everything
It doesn't matter if he can't sing!
Pinky and the Brain:
It's bow, bow, bow to your leader
Salute when his flag is unfurled.
The Brain:
And you'll all get a free season pass
When I win the world!