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Marvin the Martian is a Looney Tunes star who occasionally appears in the Amblin/Warner Bros. cartoons. On Tiny Toon Adventures, he is a mentor to Marcia the Martian. On Animaniacs, he makes sporadic appearances. He first appears in "Cat on a Hot Steel Beam," greeting Buttons after the worried-canine arrived to the moon. He then looked on in confusion as Buttons climbed his makeshift ladder back to Earth.

In "Space-Probed," he is seen sitting in the waiting room on the UFO. Much later in the Pinky and the Brain finale "Star Warners," he appears in the Cantina scene telling Minerva Mink of his plans to destroy the Earth. He also appeared in the Animaniacs reboot episode "Suffragette City."

On Animaniacs he was voiced by Maurice LaMarche, while Neil Ross voiced him on Pinky and the Brain.


Animaniacs (Original Series)

Pinky and the Brain (spin-off)

Animaniacs (Reboot)


  • Possible members of his Martian species appear on Mars at the end of "Clown and Out" with voices identical to his.
  • Marvin appears to be the one of the least-affected individuals by Minerva’s looks, as he is able to keep up a coherent conversation without succumbing to seduction.