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"MasterClass 102: Finding Your Assistant" is the second episode of the mini-series The Brain Teaches World Domination. It originally aired on March 17, 2023.


It's Pinky's time to shine! If you want to add an assistant to your global domination schemes, you'll need to know Brain's tips for turning an underwhelming underling into your perfect complement. Featuring footage from a time when they were inseparable.

MasterClass 102: Finding Your Assistant

Animation by Titmouse, Inc.

MasterClass 102 Title


In today's lesson, The Brain teaches the value of having an assistant. He presents three tips for introducing a subordinate to your world domination schemes:

  • Institute Hierarchy - Show your assistant where they stand in the pecking order.
  • Establish Symbiosis - Find someone who complements you well (Pinky interprets this as literally complementing Brain, even calling him handsome).
  • Demand Devotion - Find someone with unwavering loyalty who will always stand-by your side. Brain says that (for better or worse), Pinky exemplifies this brilliantly. This makes Pinky to reminisce on the time when he and Brain were literally stuck onto each other.

Before the lesson concludes, Brain gives some bonus tips:

  • Assessing Potential Assistants - When assessing your potential assistants, do what King Eurystheus to Hercules: Give them tests to prove their worth, a task to be performed, or a plan to be kept secret (Pinky is shown to struggle with this as he keeps mentioning Brain's mind-control filter. This leads to Brain to tie-Pinky up and hastily create one last bonus tip:
  • Make sure to find an assistant who loves to make hilarious jokes (while attempting to cover-up Pinky's "mind-control" talk as "funny jokes")

When the lesson ends, Brain asks Pinky to edit out the mind-control talk, to which Pinky agrees to. The two then begin to prepare for the following evening, where they will stage another lesson.


  • Written by Jennifer Tomassi
  • Directed by Sean Coverton
  • Produced by Michael J. Marino




Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Pinky
Maurice LaMarche The Brain


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