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"MasterClass 103: Disguises and the Art of Subterfuge" is the third episode of the mini-series The Brain Teaches World Domination. It originally aired on March 17, 2023.


As Brain always says, "appearances matter!" Learn the importance of using the right disguises and building your personal brand to achieve world domination. Plus, the return of the no-bake cheesecake.

MasterClass 103: Disguises and the Art of Subterfuge

Animation by Titmouse, Inc.

MasterClass 103 Title


Today's lesson focuses on the art of disguise. Brain proceeds to show a montage of some of his greatest disguises including a dictator ("The Pinktator"), a mad scientist ("Bride of Pinky"), a 19th century London denizen ("Wakkiver Twist Part One"), a director ("How to Brain Your Dragon"), a teacher ("Reichenbrain Falls"), and a poker player ("Royal Flush"). He highlights his knight disguise ("How to Brain Your Dragon") as an example of his excellence in subterfuge. Then, he lists four key ideas to making a costume work: costumes, prosthetics, makeup, and wigs.

Brain then shows how to pretend to be human with his human suit ("Pinko and the Brain"). He says it is crucial to mimic their various characteristics, including approximate heights and weight. He also shows how mechanical suits are helpful for driving cars ("No Brainer") and performing rescues ("Reichenbrain Falls"). Brain then notes that regardless of species, deception is only as good as your cover story. To exemplify this, he mentions the time he infiltrated a meeting of world leaders through a beauty pageant ("Mouse Congeniality"), which required him to make Pinky a convincing enough model to distract others (Pinky remarks that he faced his own difficulty doing so)

In most instances, of the more crucial parts of a disguise is assuming a new identity ("Narf Over Troubled Water"), or to embody your personal brand ("Bride of Pinky"). Brain then notes that it is important to still be recognizable to your devoted followers (or addled minions) to be duped by imposters, such as Brain's evil future counterpart ("Future Brain"). He then spends a few seconds making fun of Future Brain and his cape, declaring only a fool could mistake him for the real Brain (cue Pinky).

To summarize, Brain reiterates that appearances matter (a collage of the costumes mentioned before, including the 50's sitcom from "The Flawed Couple" then appears behind him). For non-homosapiens, Brain recommends the robotic human suit (using Ralph as a model) for easier subterfuge. Lastly, establish your personal brand to thwart imposters. Pinky then returns with his perfected no-bake cheesecake (which spills all over the floor and damages the mice's Roomba An annoyed Brain then tells Pinky to prepare for the following evening to stage the next lesson.


  • Written by Jennifer Tomassi
  • Directed by Sean Coverton
  • Produced by Michael J. Marino




Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Pinky
Maurice LaMarche The Brain


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