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"MasterClass 104: Analyzing Your Adversaries" is the fourth and final episode of the mini-series The Brain Teaches World Domination. It originally aired on March 17, 2023.


In Brain's final class, he demonstrates how to find and capitalize on an opponent's weaknesses through a detailed analysis of his greatest foe. Plus, get some marketing tips from Pinky!

MasterClass 104: Analyzing Your Adversaries

Animation by Titmouse, Inc.

MasterClass 104 Title


The Brain's final lesson is here at last. He begins the lesson warning that one may face certain adversaries on their quests for world domination. Brain notes that it is important that you study your opponents, and be well-versed in psychology so you can parry their every move. As he lists some adversaries he has faced over the years (dragons, robots, and a megalomaniacal mouse), he reveals that his greatest foe is none other than humanity itself!

Brain then flies to his computer, muttering about how humanity should welcome his "benevolent" rule of Earth due to the damage they have inflicted upon the planet. He then outlines some of humanity's flaws:

Using Pinky as an example, Brain says that humans are often "confused" beings who can be easily manipulated. He then reveals his mind-control filter that has been implanted because of this within his videos. A montage of what Brain believes will be a world descending into chaos as he takes over plays, which he hopes will culminate in his own island lair to rule from (as seen in "Mouse Madness"). Taking on a Greek outfit, Brain boasts that he will turn his powers of analysis on you, his minions in waiting. He commends the viewers for showing some signs of higher intelligence by looking for him to advice, rather than resorting to other Animaniacs characters on the website who don't warrant fear or obedience. With one more triumphant boast, Brain shouts that only he deserves the devotion of the world.

Thinking he has won, Brain looks to his computer for mentions of him in the news. Unfortunately, he has once again failed, as the public finds him "adorable." He then learns that in an attempt to hype-up the videos, Pinky has taken the advice of a MasterClass on film-making and uploaded "tantalizing" and "intriguing" behind-the-scenes footage. The now viral footage exposed the mind-control filter, rendering the public aware and invulnerable against it (as Brain explains, it won't work if they already know it is coming unless it is kept a secret until the end). Brain hastily ends the final lesson with one more piece of advice: be wary of your hubris.

With the final lesson complete, Brain and Pinky prepare for tomorrow night... to watch Animaniacs season 3 on Hulu, and then try to take over the world! The series ends with Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner singing the Pinky and the Brain theme song.


  • Written by Jennifer Tomassi
  • Directed by Sean Coverton
  • Produced by Michael J. Marino



  • Curiously, Brain doesn't mention Julia when reflecting on the adversaries he has faced (despite referencing his AI copy of her). Additionally, he also doesn't mention his nemesis from the 1995 series - Snowball.
  • Brain's declaration that humans are unable to spell the word Mississippi and are defenseless until the age of twelve is a callback to "Close Encounters of The Worst Kind" when Brain is recording his video to send to the aliens as an invitation to invade earth.
  • When Pinky lies to Brain about not playing in the radiation pit, he says his catchphrase "Zort!" This is a callback to "Run Pinky Run," where Brain mentions that Pinky says "Zort!" when he is lying.
  • Brain's Greek outfit is identical to the one he wore in the original Animaniacs cartoon "Hercules Unwound."
  • The following Animaniacs characters are revealed to teach MasterClasses of their own:



Voice Actors: Character(s):
Rob Paulsen Pinky, archival audio of Yakko Warner
Maurice LaMarche The Brain
Jess Harnell Wakko Warner (Archival Audio)
Tress MacNeille Dot Warner (Archival Audio)

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Goodbye, Nurse!
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