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Mime Time is a short segment that appeared in the first season where the Mime would perform an act described by narrator Tom Bodett, before being harmed by something related to his act. For example, having an anvil fall on his head while pretending to lift a barbell. All Mime Time segments were animated by TMS.

List of Mime Time Cartoons

Episode Action Ending Action
14 Trapped in an Imaginary Box The mime gets crushed by a safe
Throwing an Imaginary Football The mime is tackled by football players
Pulling an Imaginary Rope The mime gets crushed by a sand bag
31 Gathering Imaginary Flowers The mime is attacked by a swarm of bees
Climbing an Imaginary Mountain The mime gets crushed by an avalanche/boulder
48 Lifting an Imaginary Barbell The mime gets crushed by an anvil
67 Swimming in an Imaginary Ocean The mime is doused by an ocean wave
Walking an Imaginary Dog The mime is attacked by dogs
Driving an Imaginary Car The mime gets run over by a bus
Pitching at an Imaginary Baseball Game The mime is beamed by a flyball
68 Riding an Imaginary Subway The mime gets mugged by muggers
69 Finding an Imaginary Coin The mime gets arrested by the police



See Also

  • Wakko's Wish, a film where the Mime sporadically endures misfortune
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