Full Name Mindy
Segment Buttons and Mindy
First Episode The Monkey Song/Operation: Lollipop
Voice Actor Nancy Cartwright
Catchphrases "Okay I love you bu-bye"
"Hi, Mr. Man, whacha doin'?"
"Okay, lady."
"Hi, Lady!"
"Silly puppy"

Mindy is the innocent but troublemaking toddler who always ends up exactly where her mother leaves her at the start of the skit, having narrowly avoided danger numerous times, while the heroic (and severely battered) Buttons gets hurt for some minor damage he has caused (e.g. trampling a flower bed) while trying to keep Mindy alive. Mindy always finds a way to escape from her harness after her mother leaves.

Mindy is best known for her persistent asking "Why?!", and once the other character is at the peak of irritation, her signature "Okay, I love you, bu-bye!" She also calls her mother "Lady" to her irritation, she does the same for her father by calling him "Mr. Man", however in the end of Wakko's Wish, she does call her mom "Mom" and she says to Buttons, "Buttons, you silly puppy!" and Buttons is awarded for his loyalty.

She has a similar personality to Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures. It should be noted that in the episode "Lookit the Fuzzyheads", in which Elmyra appears, Mindy's actions end up causing Elmyra quite a bit of injury.

Her signature outfit includes a white short-sleeved t-shirt, purple knee-length overalls, frilly white ruffled training panties, white ankle-length socks and black Mary Jane shoes. When she was celebrating her birthday, she wore a frilly pink short puffy-sleeved knee-length dress. In Mindy in Wonderland, She wore a blue Alice in Wonderland dress with a white pinafore apron.

In some episodes, her outfit is different. In Wakko's Wish, Mindy is seen dressed in winter clothes.