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"Mommy has to go to a better parenting conference."
— Mindy's Mother being honest with herself in "In the Garden of Mindy."

Mindy's Mother is often seen at the beginning and end of the Buttons and Mindy cartoons tying the latter to her harness and reproving the former at the end for things he didn't do (while being unaware of the treacherous events he had to endure to save her own daughter). Mindy often calls her "Lady", to her annoyance. She is almost always seen from the neck down. She is 47 years old.

However, at the end of Wakko's Wish, where she takes on the role of Snow White, her hair is finally revealed to be brunette, like her voice actress, Tress MacNeille. To her delight, Mindy finally calls her "Mom" at the end of the movie.


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  • Mindy's Mom being seen mostly from the neck down is similar to characters such as Mammy 2-Shoes from Tom & Jerry, Miss Nanny from Muppet Babies and Baby Herman's mother in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and its spin-off shorts.
  • Mindy's Mother has shown traits of being a rather incompetent parent, as she leaves her daughter alone to stumble into potentially dangerous situations (forcing her dog to act and save her). One time, she even left her daughter in the care of a mouse while attending a "better parenting conference" (which doesn't appear to be working too well).