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This is a YMCA parody from the episode "Elmyra's Music Video".


Elmyra: This is my very own music video that I made myself with my very own camera!

Everybody sing along!

Elmyra: Mousies

Won't you come out and play?

You'll wear blousies

Please now don't run away

Come back mousies

'Cause I love you, okay?

They're my friends, that's why they're hiding


He's got so much to say

He's in pain-y

Doing mousey ballet

He's complain-y

When he don't get his way

His head big and fat and swirlin'

Pinky: Narf, poit, egad!

Elmyra: I love to play with my

Both: Mousies, I do!

Elmyra: I squish and hug till my

Both: Mousies turn blue!

Elmyra: I make Brain wear a scarf

Pinky big-nose says "Narf"

You can squeeze them until they barf

I lovе to play with my

Both: Mousies, no doubt!

Elmyra: I love to play till my

Both: Mousies pass out!

Pinky: Whеn Elmyra takes naps

I can put on my chaps

And play horsey till I collapse

It's fun to play with my--

Brain: Stop this, cease!

I'm trying to work, and you two are singing foolish off-key drivel

Elmyra: But cranky-big-head, we're making a music video!

It's supposed to be foolish drivels!

Pinky: Yeah man, so put an egg in your shoe, and...and go away, man!

Brain: This video makes no sense

It's just a random cinematic eruption set to a sonic cacophony

Elmyra: Naughty-waughty-potty-mouth!

(Brain: Oof!)

I'm gonna wash your mouth out with soap!

Brain: Nooooooooooooooo!

Pinky: Straying

No, we'll never do that

'Cause we're playing

With our dog, who's a cat

We'll be staying

While she smashes us flat

Or we get flushed down the toilet

Elmyra: Some day

Me and Rudy will wed

Brain: That's a dumb day

It's a day that I dread

Pinky: I hope that day

Tonk's already been fed

So we all can live together

Brain: Oh no!

Pinky: Zort, troz!

Elmyra: It's fun to play with my

Elmyra and Pinky: Mousies, it's cool!

Elmyra: I love to play with my

Both: Mousies at school

Elmyra: They make good show and tell

Cranky-big-head can spell

I can squeeze them until they yell

I love to play with my

Elmyra and Pinky: Mousies, I do!

Elmyra: I squish and hug till my

Elmyra and Pinky: Mousies turn blue!

Elmyra: Cranky-big-head's a pain

Silly Pinky's insane

Elmyra and Pinky: We're Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!

Brain: That was particularly annoying.


  • The melody of this song is reused for the song "You'll Be Leader of the United States" from the Histeria! episode "Presidential People", albeit with a faster tempo.