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Mousey Galore is a laboratory mouse from ACMENOV Labs who appears in the Pinky and the Brain cartoon "To Russia With Lab Mice." She is voiced by Diane Michelle.


Mousey Galore has tan fur and short brown hair. She wears black opera gloves with a red dress and black heels. She also has a necklace with a round gold pendant. In addition to this outfit, she also has an all-yellow jumpsuit.


Mousey is a cunning and intelligent mouse, who will do anything to get to the top. She can also be quite rude, as evident with her bizarre arguments with Pinky and Brain. When talking to Brain alone, she also displayed some rather flirtatious traits, showing she has some success at seducing others to throw them off. Much like the Brain's desires for world domination, Mousey Galore shares a similar desire to rule over the world's toy industry.



Not much is known about Mousey Galore's past, but she had spent some time as a lab mouse at the ACMENOV Labs, with an affinity for the toy industry. Overtime, she gained a desire to bring Russia to the top as the world's leading manufacturer of toys. ("To Russia With Lab Mice")

Pinky and the Brain (1995)

Following the arrival of Pinky and the Brain to her lab, Mousey Galore found herself joining the mice in a toy-testing program for remote-controlled toys. She was placed inside a toy American car, which had Brain's fish-mutating capsule for a world domination scheme inside it. She had a rather unpleasant interaction with the duo, dismissing them for their inferiority and Pinky's own "simple" nature. During the testing, she gained control of the car and fled, seemingly stealing Brain's capsule while gloating about "dominating the world." Pinky and the Brain attempted to pursue her, but their defective Russian toy car and inability to gain control got in the way. She was later recaptured and imprisoned by the scientists.

Later on, she received a visit from Brain, now fully embracing the espionage-thriller feel of the scenario. After an awkward, flirtatious back-and-forth of confusing farm and animal metaphors, Galore once again fled. This time, Brain was able to pursue her, and eventually apprehended her with Pinky's help. When confronting Galore about stealing the capsule, she admitted she knew nothing of it. Turns out, she sought to steal the American toy car to give to Russian toy companies, allowing the country to dominate the toy world. Galore then fled, boisterously laughing. ("To Russia With Lab Mice")


Pinky and the Brain (1995)



  • Mousey Galore is a spoof of the character Pussy Galore from the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger.
  • Despite appearing in only one episode, Mousey Galore has achieved a small cult-following of sorts online.