Mr. Director pic

Mr. Director is a recurring character on the Yakko, Wakko, and Dot segments of Animaniacs, voiced by Paul Rugg. Mr. Director is a demented film director, self-proclaimed comedy "genius", and a caricature of the late Jerry Lewis.

Mr. Director tends to use faux-Yiddish nonsense words such as "Flamiel" and "Freunlaven" while speaking erratically.

Two episodes focus on Mr. Director, as an antagonist to Yakko, Wakko, and Dot: Hello Nice Warners and Hearts of Twilight. He has also made minor appearances in other episodes, including Taming of the Screwy (as one of Dot's pets), The Warners 65th Anniversary Special, and Macbeth. He also appears briefly in the Wakko's Wish film, when King Salazar sends them into "The Cave of Your Worst Nightmares."

In Clown and Out, Mr. Plotz hires a clown to entertain Wakko for his birthday (unaware that Wakko has an irrational fear of clowns). The clown has the same mannerisms as Mr. Director (minus his "calm" personality) shares a similar facial structure, and was also voiced by Rugg, but is not shown nor confirmed to be the same character.

Variations of the Mr. Director continued to appear in another Warner Brothers animated cartoon, Histeria!, providing caricatural depictions of historical figures explorer Meriwether Lewis and prophet Nostradamus.

In the Animaniacs comic, one issue brought the Jerry Lewis joke further by having him running to France and being recognized as a comedy genius there.


Typically, he keeps a calm and collected demeanor; however, while acting and occasionally while speaking to others, he speaks in an crazed, exaggerated manner. While speaking in this manner, Mr. Director is able to even annoy Yakko, Wakko, and Dot (whom he calls "puppy children"), a feat which few others can accomplish.



  • "Take the word 'animal.' Transpose the letters 'n' and 'm' and you get 'aminal.' That, in a nutshell, is comedy."
  • "Peoples? What peoples? HelLO nice people in da teeVEE! I don't see any...hey, where'd you kids go? There you are! Nice KIDS, we're with the MOOvee gonna do a THING!"
  • "Nice LAYdee, a size six is too SMALL for your fat FOOT!"
  • "Flameel!"
  • "Froynlaven!"
  •  (singing off-key) "Oh, LAYdee!! Oh LAYdee!! I know a LAYdee with high heeled shoes, and socks of panty hose, oh pretty LAYdee!!"
  • "Ow, bark-hurt."
  • "A MONster!"
  • "HellO Nice Kids with the spooky faces!"