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Mr. Skullhead is a minor character featured on the "Good Idea, Bad Idea" segments of Animaniacs. He originated as a character on Tiny Toon Adventures as a character created by Elmyra Duff based on the gerbil skull in her bow. The character was inspired by a doodle made by writer, Sherri Stoner.

He has a grandfather, a father, a mother, a little sister, a little brother, an aunt named Bertha, and a cousin named Penny. In his Good Idea, Bad Idea cartoons, he and his relatives endure a lot of slapstick injuries to show viewers what not to do. He has never spoken.


Tiny Toon Adventures


Original series

2020 series

Pinky and the Brain


  • Mr. Skullhead was going to make another physical appearance in "Gift Rapper" (Good Idea!) but was cut from the final product. (Bad Idea...) [1]