Multiplication is a song from Episode 77 of Animaniacs. In the song, Yakko sings about multiplying 47 by 83. The music and lyrics were written by Randy Rogel. The song is also included on the Variety Pack CD.


Miss Flamiel:
Yes, Miss Flamiel?
Miss Flamiel:
I want you to multiply 47 x 83.
Sounds like a song cue to me.
Miss Flamiel:
No it doesn't.
Oh yes it does. Hit it, Harvey!
7 x 3 is 21,
Which, as you know,
Is just two 10s plus 1, and so,
We put the 1 right here,
And we carry the 2, one left
To the top of the tens place, right next door
And we put it on top of the number 4,
Which is really four 10s that we multiply
Times 3 in the ones place and that's why
We now have 12, which we add to the 2
That we carry to get 14.
See how easy that was?
Oho, it's multiplication
It's math education.
Hey, Albert Einstein said
That it's so easy to do.
It's simple, it's breezy,
It's fun and it's easy,
Just buy a calculator,
You can multiply, too!

(Miss Flamiel growling)

And now, the second digit.
7 x 8 is 56,
Which, as you know,
Is just five 10s plus 6, and so,
We put the 6 right here
In the tens place, left of the 1
And we carry the 5 like we did before
To the top of the tens place next to the 4,
Then multiply that 4 x 8
To get 32. See, isn't this great?
Then, we add the 5 that we carried before
To get 37, then add once more
Straight down to get 3,901!
Isn't this swell?
Oh, let's give multiplication
A standing ovation!
Isaac Newton multiplied
A couple times two!
Yakko and Newton:
Times two! Times two! Times two!
It's simple, it's breezy,
It's fun and it's easy,
So buy a calculator
And study this stuff later
Maybe someday, you can multiply numbers
Too, three four five...
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