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"Musical Mice" is a song from the Pinky and the Brain episode "Broadway Malady." It is the opening song of Mice: The Musical and parodies the opening song of Cats, "Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats." It is later reprised during the ending chorus, mixed with the Pinky and the Brain Theme.


Are the seats filled with tourists?
Are the songs all the same?
First Mouse:
Is the acting absurd?
Is the plot really lame?
Second Mouse:
Do you sell lots of T-shirts...
Third Mouse:
For a really high price?
If you can and you do
You're a show about mice!
Because musical mice like to dance
They don't wear any pants
And the people all come back for more
Musical mice are musically nice
And they're musical mice!

Ending Chorus[]

Male Singer 1:
Is one of them smart?
Female Singer:
Is the other insane?
Female Singer and Male Singers 1 and 2:
They're dinky,
They're Pinky and the Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!