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Neivel Nosenest is a minor character in the original Animaniacs. He appears in "The Scoring Session" as the substitute conductor for Richard Stone.

He is voiced by Michael McKean.


Nosenest is a rhinoceros who wears a white suit beneath a black blazer. He also wears black pants, and has a black bow-tie with red polka dots.


Neivel Nosenest is slightly pompous and very easily short-tempered. His passion for his work can instigate his temper if something doesn't goes his way. He is also shown to display aggressive traits, as he almost attacks the Warner siblings for interfering with his process. However, he does appears to display some hospitality, as he lets the Little Blue Bird nest inside of his nose.



At some point before his debut appearance, Nosenest had established as a career in music conducting.

Animaniacs (Original Series)[]

Nosenest arrives to the WB lot as the fifth composer in a series of substitute composers to fill-in for regular composer Richard Stone. As he prepares to record the music for "Lights, Camera, Traction!", he lays-down a series of rules for the musicians (who happen to be members of the Animaniacs ensemble).

To his misfortune, Dot, Yakko, and Wakko Warner each arrive late and unintentionally violate his rules. He then spends the session bickering with the Warners as it descends into musical chaos. He then prepares to strike the Warners, but stops when the scoring wraps-up successfully. Just when he starts to warm-up to the Warners and celebrate his work, it's revealed that the recording equipment was still being set-up, and none of the session had been recorded. As he attempts to prepare another scoring session to record, his musicians leave on a union-mandated lunch break. This causes Nosenest to go berserk, and he runs through the wall laughing in hysterics, leaving a hole shaped like him behind.