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Nice Boat, Candy Cane is a song from the Pinky and the Brain episode "What Ever Happened To Baby Brain" (the first segment of the show's 57th episode).


This song is a parody of the song "Good Ship, Lollipop" from the Shirley Temple movie Bright Eyes (1934). The Brain, adopting his alias of child star Baby Brain, and an unseen chorus sings about the perks of riding on a candy-decorated boat while warning the viewers that consuming too much candy would result in tooth decay and major dental work. Baby Brain is dressed in a sailor outfit and is accompanied by several sailors and dancers dressed as a dentist drill and a tooth. The song appears in one of the many movies Baby Brain starred in.


The Brain:
On the nice boat, candy cane
It's a short trip to dental pain
Cause everything's sweet!
Lots of candy things for children to eat!
Try the caramel chairs, get your fill
Be a candidate for the dentist drill
On marmalade seas,
You're a cinch for painful gum disease!
All the anchors made with a licorice braid
You can bet that nothing's low-cal
If you eat too much, uh-oh,
Better make time for a root canal!
The Brain:
On the nice boat, candy cane
Better bring your novocaine
'Til then I say:
Everyone aboard for tooth decay!