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"Nice and Chubby Baby" is a very short song from "Clown and Out," sung repeatedly by Mr. Clown. The first few times the song is performed while he is climbing up the Water Tower trying to entertain Wakko Warner, secondly after he has been exiled to Mars and now entertains martian children.

Archival audio of the song is later used in the Animaniacs reboot cartoon "Fear and Laughter in Burbank." It is distorted to emphasize the "creepy" nature of Nickelwise the Dancing Clown. The song is later reprised by Mr. Clown himself in "The Stickening."


Mr. Clown:
When the whip-poor-will
Whippers in the wind
The wind can't whipper back
Oh, nice and chubby baby!


  • Despite appearing twice in the Animaniacs reboot, "Nice and Chubby Baby" is omitted from both the Season One and Season Three albums.