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Nils Niedhart is a recurring antagonist in the 2020 series. He is a vindictive European Olympic gold medalist who gets challenged by Yakko, Wakko, and Dot to compete in the Olympic games. Nils debuts in "Gold Meddlers," and makes more appearances in later episodes. He is also seen in the xylophone line in the theme song. A running gag in the series is that he is sent to Hell.

He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


Nils is a tall, muscular man with long, blonde hair. In his debut appearance, he wore nothing but a pink Speedo, but in "Hindenburg Cola", he wears a pink top and pants. He speaks with a thick Austrian accent.


Nils is vain, selfish, and arrogant. He constantly claims that he is superior to everyone else. He also claims himself to be in a "serious relationship" with his muscles, naming them Ronald, Matilda, Mooby, Highbeam, Ambush, and Bazooka. Ultimately, Nils desires gold medals to experience any kind of happiness. Without them, he is a sad mess. At the end of "Gold Meddlers", he breaks down in tears after losing his chance to win some medals.


Animaniacs (Reboot)[]


  • His muscles and Austrian accent are based on actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, known for his 1984 role in The Terminator, as the titular cybernetic assassin (robot).
    • He is also similar to both Arnold the Pitbull from Tiny Toon Adventures and Jorgen Von Strangle from Nickelodeon's The Fairly OddParents!.