Noel is a song from episode 84 of Animaniacs. It is set to the tune of the Christmas carol "The First Noel". The parody lyrics were written by Randy Rogel. When Randy and Rob Paulsen performed the song live for an episode of Rob's podcast "Talking Toons", they sang an extra verse that did not appear in the episode.


To spell Santa's name is easy to do.
You write S-A-N-T and another "A", too.
But no "L", no "L", Santa's name has no "L".
And he won't be too pleased if you don't learn to spell.
Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch water from the well,
But when neither one could find it, Jill started to yell...
No well, no well, can't believe there's no well!
We walked all the way here and I'm mad can't you tell!
Captain Ahab took his crew his harpoon and set sail
And he called out to ships...
Captain Ahab:
Have you seen the white whale?!
No whale, no whale, no, we ain't seen no whale!
Sailor #1:
Saw a couple of dolphins...
Sailor #2:
And a big yellowtail!
The Warners:
If you've listened to this tune, then you probably can tell
That you've heard it before. It's a song you know well.
Know well, know well, it's a song you know well,
And we've ruined it completely, so we all say, "Oh, well."
Oh, well, oh, well, we'll just say fare thee well!
Merry Christmas to you and a joyous Noel!

Deleted lyrics

Noel, noel, we just ruined "Noel"!
Maybe next time, we'll just sing "Jingle Bells"!
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