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"It's the Norita way."
— Nora's catchphrase

Nora Rita Norita is the CEO of Warner Bros. and the main antagonist of the 2020 Animaniacs reboot, replacing Thaddeus Plotz; and is the mother of Cora Norita. Nora's family's company, Mucho Telèfono, is the parent company of Warner Bros.

She is voiced by Stephanie Escajeda.

Physical appearance

Nora is a tall, slender Latina woman with brown hair, green eyes, pointy nose, red lipstick, and a beauty mark on the left side of her face. She has purple-framed glasses, and gold earrings, and dons a black choker, a pastel yellow collared shirt, a dark blue suit with dark brown-ish gray sheer tights, and black knee-high boots.


Like her predecessor Mr. Plotz, Nora is serious and stern. She is also somewhat selfish, as she believes in "pulling up the ladder behind her" after Dot mentions succeeding her. She is very concerned about being in shape, as she walks on a treadmill in her debut appearance, often exercises while making business calls, and goes into a laughing fit when the Warners accuse her of eating Wakko's donuts in "WhoDonut", even ripping some of her own hair out.

Nora is shown to be somewhat condescending, as she scorns the Warners when they first meet snidely commenting on how their ignorance of drones, tablets and the like is because of them being from the 1990s. Despite that, most of the time, she seems to take a more passive approach than Plotz and ignore the Warners' antics, and usually shoos them away. She's even scared the Warners with her aforementioned hysterical fit.

Like Plotz, she is short-tempered, best shown in "23 and WB" where her rage causes her to throw people out of her window and into a prop casket.


Animaniacs (Reboot)


  • In season one; she was not referred to by name in-series, and her name was revealed in the ending credits. Her name is heard in-series more frequently starting with "Please Submit."
  • According to Genevieve Tsai, she has a lot of "no"'s in her name since she is a "no-nonsense" person.[1]
  • Her office features a large portrait of her predecessor, Thaddeus Plotz.
  • Nora is the first CEO of Warner Bros. displayed in the show's canon to not be part of the Plotz family, as Thaddeus took the position of CEO from his father as revealed in "A Christmas Plotz."
    • However, her family owns Warner Bros.' parent company, Mucho Telèfono.
  • All of Nora's relatives' names rhyme with hers except for Ralph T. Guard.
  • Nora has never mentioned a husband in the series.


"Grandma Flora, can't you see? They just wanna get their sticky little paws on the family fortune. Flora hasn't worked her entire life to give her money to parasites like you. Money isn't something to be given away! It's something to be hoarded and held over the heads of the less fortunate!"
— Nora trying to expose The Warner Sibling's lies to Flora



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