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"Not Home" is a song from the Animaniacs reboot cartoon "Royal Flush." It is a parody of "A Whole New World" from Disney's 1992 film Aladdin, and is performed by Pinky (Rob Paulsen) and Abigail (Charlotte Nicdao).


Pinky and Abigail sing the song together while exploring Britain and taking in the sights, while also remarking how strange the country seems to them. As the song progresses, the two express their shared desires to return to their respective homes (America for Pinky, and Australia for Abigail).


We can take in the sights
Trendy, slick and expensive
Tell me, Pinky
Now, when did you last see the London sky?
We could visit Big Ben,
Or Tower Bridge, what a wonder
Then bend over and chunder up our steak and kidney pie!
Oh, but the food's so bad!
It's always dense and it tastes like glue!
Here where the words are lies,
They say chips are fries
And call everything pudding.
No, it's not home
There isn't one single kangaroo.
They call zucchini "courgettes"
And a "jumper's" a "sweater!"
They'll tell me all day long,
That I don't belong.
And now I have to wonder if that's true.
The weather is awfully cold
And all the museums are boring
In football, there's not enough scoring
And the drinks are served lukewarm!
No, it's not home!
It's not the place that I always knew!
Where the lines are "queues,"
And bathrooms are "loos,"
And all trucks are named "Laurie!"
So, let's go home!
There's nothing much here left to do.
Does that mean all trucks are girls?
So, I guess all cars are boys then?
I'll by a souvenir
From this this hemisphere
And return to the place
I'm meant to be-hee!
Abigail and Pinky:
And I know that
He'll agree!
[The camera pans to the sky, where stars in the shape of Barnaby and the Brain smile down upon them]



  • On Hulu, the subtitles during the "There's nothing much here left to do" line instead say "There's nothing much left to see."