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There are many phrases that appear periodically throughout the series. Many of these phrases are specific to certain characters/segments. Most of these phrases are subject to variations, except for the exclamations of "Narf", "Zort", "Definitely", "Faboo", "Spewww!!", "Forget about it", "Dadoo", and "Boingy".

Partial List of Oft-spoken Phrases[]

  • Hello, nurse!: Yakko, Wakko, and Dot
  • Boys. Go fig.: Dot
  • And I'm Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third, but you can call me Dot.: Dot
  • Call me Dottie and you die!: Dot
  • We're the Warner brothers!: Yakko and Wakko
  • And the Warner sister!: Dot
  • Are you pondering what I'm pondering?: Brain
  • The same thing we do every night… try to take over the world!: Brain
  • Actually, I'm a laboratory mouse bent on taking over the world.: Brain (with variations)
  • YES!: The Brain
  • Focus, Pinky!: Brain
  • Turn that thing off, Pinky.: Brain
  • I am the Brain and this is my associate, Pinky.: Brain
  • Narf!: Pinky
  • Zort!: Pinky
  • Troz: Brain
  • Poit!: Pinky
  • E-gad!: Pinky
  • I'm all-a-tangle!: Pinky
  • Oh, well that's different than isn't it?: Pinky
  • Okay I love you, buhbye!: Mindy
  • Bad dog! No treat for you!: Mindy's parents
  • You're a good dog, Rita: Runt
  • Definitely: Runt
  • Now that's comedy!: Slappy at the end of her segments
  • Boingy: Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Ralph
  • Dadoo: the Warners, most often Wakko
  • Faboo!: Wakko
  • Dumber than advertised!: Yakko and Dot
  • Our new friend: Yakko
  • As far back as (character) can/could remember...: Squit
  • Good night, everybody!: Yakko
  • Uh...: mostly Yakko
  • Dah...: Ralph
  • SPEW!: Skippy
  • You remind me of a very young...: Slappy
  • Heh-heh... Courtesy laugh!: Yakko and Dot
  • Forget about it!: Bobby and Pesto.
  • The Godpigeon says...: Bobby
  • Badabing, Badaboom: Bobby, explaining what happens. Badaboom doesn't always appear with Badabing.
  • Are you squawking/talking to me?: Bobby, when threatened
  • That's it! I'll show you...!: Pesto, when angered by Squit
  • No, I was just saying...:  Squit, after angering Pesto
  • He's a giant chicken, I tell you! A giant chicken!: Off spoken by that one same man in the Chicken Boo segments
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