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Patty Ann is a song that appears in the Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain cartoon "Hooray for Meat." It is a parody of the Bee Gees song "Stayin' Alive;" with lyrics by Earl Kress, Wendell Morris, and Tom Sheppard.


The Brain is on his way to begin yet another plan for world domination in his "Patty Ann" persona. Pinky sings the tune to celebrate the beginning of the adventure and praise the Patty Ann persona, much to Brain's annoyance. Near the end of the song, Brain pummels Pinky in an attempt to quiet him.


Oh you can see by the way he flips his curls
That he's not a mouse, he's a little girl!
He's so dainty you'll adore
How he rules the world in a pinafore
He's so sweet, and he's so cute
He's precious in his robot suit
He can't smile, or he can't pout
He'll melt your heart, or rip it out!
His head is really tiny
He's got a metal heinie
He's Patty Ann! Patty Ann!
Even scary Rudy
Thinks that he's a cutie!
Patty Ann!! Patty Ann!!
Brain/Patty Ann:
Stop that!
Ow! E-oof-Narf!
Patty Ann!
Brain/Patty Ann:
Patty Aaaaaaaaaaaaann!