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Pesto is a short-tempered Goodfeather pigeon, modeled after Joe Pesci's character, Tommy DeVito from the film Goodfellas. Like Dizzy Devil from Tiny Toon Adventures, Pesto has heterochromia, with a pink right eye and light green left eye. He was voiced by the late Chick Vennera.


The shortest of the trio, Pesto is haughty, loud and openly hostile to everything around him, ready to go off at a moment's notice. A running gag of the segments involves him taking Squit's innocent remarks or compliments as insults and asking him questions in an angry "Tommy DeVito-esque" manner, usually causing Bobby to laugh his head off, though he sometimes tries to stop Pesto from abusing Squit.


Pesto was originally one of the only two members of the Goodfeathers alongside Bobby. He initially took great joy in humiliating Squit after learning he wanted to become a fellow Goodfeather, but just as quickly grew hostile from misinterpreting the Pigeon's genuine compliments. Although Pesto's hostility towards Squit would never truly diminish, over time he grew to consider him a genuine Goodfeather, and would often come to his aid when needed.


Pesto has a mother, whom resides in Miami, Florida. She eventually remarries to a much-younger seagull, Steven Seagull, whom Pesto was initially openly hostile towards but eventually warmed up to. Pesto also has a similarly ill-tempered sister, Sasha, who is ironically Squit's girlfriend. Sasha reacts to Pesto like how Pesto reacts to Squit, and Pesto reacts to Sasha like Squit reacts to him. Pesto is also an uncle to Sasha's as-of-yet unhatched child.


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  • Pesto beating up Squit was inspired by Tommy and Henry Hill's (Squit's basis) famous argument in Goodfellas. However, unlike in the film where Tommy was just kidding around, Pesto actually gets angry and beats up Squit.
  • Pesto often loudly "swears" by way of screaming the names of various Italian dishes or foods, a trait shared by his sister Sasha.
  • Bobby, Squit, and Pesto each make cameos in two episodes of the Pinky and the Brain spin-off series: "Of Mouse and Man" (perched on a statue) and "Star Warners" (as storm troopers).