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Phar Fignewton or Pharfignewton is a Clydesdale horse and the "girlfriend" of Pinky. She debuted in "Jockey for Position" and also made an appearance in the movie Wakko's Wish. She also made a cameo appearance in the reboot, in "Good Warner Hunting."

She is voiced by Rob Paulsen and Frank Welker.


Phar Fignewton is a large, white horse with a grey mane. in the Animaniacs reboot, her fur is more creamy and her mane a bit more brownish. To get the idea of her size, it's shown that her snout is basically the size of Pinky's body. Her vacant blue eyes and large overbite are nearly identical to Pinky's, leading Brain to remark, "Heavens, they're multiplying." She's also commonly seen wearing a girdle around her neck area.


Not much is known about Phar Fignewton's personality, but based on what has been shown, while she appears to be an ordinary horse for the most part, she is clearly shown reciprocating Pinky's affections, even defying the odds and winning a horse race just so she could get the mouse off the ground. She appears to possibly be just as friendly, open-minded, and dumb as Pinky, but as she can't talk and only communicates with neighs, it's not too clear.


  • A running gag in the series is that when Pinky mentions Phar Fignewton as his girlfriend, people or Brain kept saying he's a mouse while she's a horse.
  • Phar Fignewton is a parody "Fahrvergnügen", which, in the 1990's, was the advertising slogan for Volkswagen. However, it's based on the Newton, a pastry made by Nabisco. Also, it was named in honor of retired military general Lloyd W. Newton whose nickname is "Fig Newton".
  • In the Pinky and the Brain spin-off cartoon "The Third Mouse", Phar Fignewton appears on a photograph from Pinky's belongings. This picture would later be released as an accessory to Super7's Pinky "ULTIMATES" figure.
  • In "Mousechurian Candidate", Pinky reveals he is trying online dating out, which could mean that he and Phar Fignewton are no longer in a (long distance) relationship. This makes sense given how she was hunted down by Dr. Walter Grubb (Chicken Boo) along with many characters from the original show, as revealed in "Good Warner Hunting." Whether Pinky knew about the reason behind her absence or not remains unknown. Even after their "break-up", it can be safely assumed that she and Pinky might still be friends.
  • In the comic adaptation of "Jockey for Position", Phar is colored incorrectly. She is brown with red hair.