Pinky, Brain, and Phar Fignewton!

Phar Fignewton (voiced by Rob Paulsen and Frank Welker) is a horse that has the same amount of intelligence as Pinky, who is also her boyfriend. She first appeared in the Episode "Jockey for Position" and also made an appearance in the movie Wakko's Wish. Pharfignewton was also mentioned in the spin off to "Animaniacs" "Pinky and the Brain".


  • One of the running gags of the series is that when Pinky mentions Pharfignewton as his girlfriend, people or Brain kept saying he's a mouse while she's a horse.
  • Phar Fignewton is a parody "Fahrvergnügen", which, in the 1990's, was the advertising slogan for Volkswagen.
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