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Full Name Pinky
Segment Pinky and the Brain
First Episode Animaniacs: The Monkey Song/Win Big
Pinky and the Brain (spin-off): Das Mouse
Voice Actor Rob Paulsen
Catchphrases "Narf!" "Poit!" "Zort!" "Troz!" "Egad!"
"Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?"
"Egad, Brain, brillaint! Oh, wait, no no..."
"Oh well that's different then, isn't it?"
"Uh, I think so, Brain, but..."

Narf! - Pinky

Pinky is a recurring character on Animaniacs and its revival, and one of the two main protagonists in Pinky and the Brain. He is also a major character in Wakko's Wish. Pinky is a lab mouse with a open-minded personality who often spouts random nonsensical words, and is the assistant of The Brain. After coming up with a plan or whenever he gets an idea, Brain will ask him if he is pondering what he is pondering. Pinky will almost always reply with, "I think so, Brain, but..." followed by something completely irrelevant to the topic, which frequently results in Brain hitting Pinky on the head in annoyance. Brain often claims Pinky to be one the main factors behind the failure of his plans, although sometimes, these failures were not his fault.


Lab report on Pinky

Pinky is often very quirky, unfocused, forgetful, immature, friendly, open-minded, sweet, kind, polite, sensitive, gentle, joyful, patient, naive, friendly, and loyal. Despite the verbal and physical abuse he takes from his fellow roommate on a regular daily basis, he is almost always happy and giddy. However, there were a few times that these factors of the character were changed. In the spin-off episode "That Smarts", it is revealed that when he becomes very smart, Pinky's relationship with Brain loses all of its zest and it becomes boring as he outsmarts Brain. In Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain, he is noticeably a lot ruder, with Brain even calling him a "hindrance with an attitude" in the segment My Fair Brainy.

Despite his somewhat dimwitted personality, Pinky does have some areas of knowledge; he knows all of the names to all of the world's cheeses and can even name which country produces each type. Pinky also once almost convinced all of the rulers of their countries to hand over their countries to Brain as part of his birthday gift (Pinky even managed to keep the secret from Brain, but it only made Brain wonder what Pinky was up to and led him to ruin his own birthday). Surprisingly, whenever Brain's intellectual methods don't work (which is very rare), Pinky's instincts kick in and he usually does a good job of guidance, which he gives him credit for.

There's even been a few cases where Pinky provided great useful knowledge about certain topics like comic books and pop culture. In the spin-off episode The Pink Candidate, it showed that if Pinky were to become President of the United States, he would be a fair, loyal and honest leader. His loyalty to Brain has also shown itself in many cases. An example of Pinky's loyalty to Brain would be found in the spin-off episode Snowball where Brain's enemy Snowball tried to sway Pinky into believing that Brain was just using him. Pinky, however, was unswayable and refused to believe him.         

Character info

He loves cool weather, his horse girlfriend Phar Fignewton, Bingo, television, movies, Acme Labs, and participating in Brain’s plans. As a result of a mishap with Brain's cloning experiment, he and Brain have a child made up of their DNA: Romy.

Besides Phar Fignewton, Pinky also had three failed love interests with non-rodents: a sea lion named Winnie, a pig named Penny, and Brain’s monster creation Drusilla.


Original Animaniacs

Pinky and the Brain

  1. Win Big (Season 1, Episode 2C)
  2. Where Rodents Dare (Season 1, Episode 9B)
  3. Battle for the Planet (Season 1, Episode 15B)
  4. Pavlov's Mice (Season 1, Episode 18A)
  5. Opportunity Knox (Season 1, Episode 24A)
  6. Jockey for Position (Season 1, Episode 27C)
  7. Bubba Bo Bob Brain (Season 1, Episode 34B)
  8. Spellbound (Season 1, Episode 38)
  9. Puppet Rulers (Season 1, Episode 40C)
  10. The World Can Wait (Season 1, Episode 44B)
  11. When Mice Ruled the Earth (Season 1, Episode 47B)
  12. Yes, Always (Season 1, Episode 52C)
  13. Brain Meets Brawn (Season 1, Episode 54A)
  14. The Helpinki Formula (Season 1, Episode 56B)
  15. Meet John Brain (Season 1, Episode 58A)
  16. Cranial Crusader (Season 1, Episode 60B)
  17. Don't Tread on Us (Season 3, Episode 8B)
  18. The Brain's Apprentice (Season 5, Episode 8B)

Other Segments

Other Appearances

  1. All 65 episodes of Pinky and the Brain (spin-off)
  2. All 13 episodes of Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain
  3. Tiny Toons: Spring Break Special (cameo)
  4. Freakazoid!: Freakazoid is History (cameo)
  5. Wakko's Wish


Pinky and the Brain

  1. Of Mice and Memes (Season 1, Episode 1C)
  2. How to Brain Your Dragon (Season 1, Episode 2B)
  3. Pinko and the Brain (Season 1, Episode 3B)
  4. Ex Mousina (Season 1, Episode 4B)
  5. No Brainer (Season 1, Episode 5B)
  6. Close Encounters of the Worst Kind (Season 1, Episode 6B)
  7. Mousechurian Candidate (Season 1, Episode 8B)
  8. Future Brain (Season 1, Episode 9C)
  9. Babysitter's Flub (Season 1, Episode 10B)
  10. Bride of Pinky (Season 1, Episode 11C)
  11. 1001 Narfs (Season 1, Episode 12B)
  12. Roadent Trip (Season 1, Episode 13B)

Other Segments


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  • Pinky is modeled after Eddie Fitzgerald, a writer and director for Tiny Toon Adventures.
    • When Tom Ruegger was working for Tiny Toons, his office was next to Fitzgerald and Tom Minton's, and he would often overhear their conversations. Minton would talk in a low voice and Fitzgerald would often randomly interject with words like "NARF!" and "EGAD!".
    • In fact, in one of the episode credits for Tiny Toons, Fitzgerald is credited as "Guy Who Says 'Narf'".
  • He was once eaten by Rita. It is unknown how he survived.
  • His repertoire of random words were "Narf" ,"Zort", "Poit", "Egad", "Troz", and "Fiddley-posh." It was revealed in their own TV show that these words were seen by him when he said them.
  • As revealed in the Pinky and the Brain episode The Family that Poits Together, Narfs Together, Pinky was born in a pet shop.
  • Pinky may have psychic powers as in the Pinky and The Brain episode Fly, he was moving fruit around in a circle without touching them, much to Brain's astonishment. This power “comes and goes”, as he puts it.
  • He may have regenerative abilities since in Pinky and The Brain, he suggested that his leg grew back.
  • In the reboot, he appears to be interested in smart phones.


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