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"Pinky's Dream House" is a song from the Pinky, Elmyra, and The Brain cartoon of the same name. It is performed by Pinky (Rob Paulsen)


Pinky imagines his dream life in which he and The Brain reside in a house in the suburbs. Musically, the song parodies "Over the Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz, while the visuals resemble "Somewhere That's Green from Little Shop of Horrors, in which Audrey dreams of living the suburban lifestyle with her love interest Seymour.


Someplace, next to a landfill, there's a house.
With a shelf full of knick-knacks made for a little mouse.
A modern house is such a gift, to keep it clean you barely lift a finger.
At night we'll sit and watch the tube and laugh at all the toothless boobs on Jerry Springer.
Sofa's covered in plastic, never stain.
I wish I had a little house made for me and Brain!