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"Pinky's Memories" is a song from the Pinky and the Brain episode "Broadway Malady." It is from the production Mice: The Musical and parodies "Memory" from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats.


I'm Pinky
All alone and it's stinky
On my own I'm so dinky
Since I've lost my best friend
We were lab mice who thought we could take over the world
But without Brain
I'm really sad
Narf, poit, egad!
I sure feel bad
Since I'm all on my own!
People listen
While the rooftops glisten
And Santa rides through the snow!
Ooh, poit! Sorry, wrong song.
Ah, yes...
All alone, I am wandering
When I'd rather be pondering
'Bout a duck and a hose
How I miss when you'd use all of those really big words
Then you'd grab me by the nose!


  • Both this song and "Brain Doggie Mambo" were nominated for Outstanding Original Song at the 26th Daytime Emmy Awards in 1999.