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In the episode "Spell-Bound," Pinky sings several songs in his role as a minstrel, consistenty annoying Brain with his inability to find a rhyme. Each specific verse will be separated by chronological order of appearance.


I wish I were a windowsill
So I could be [an imbecile]
He conquered the world without effort or pain
He's the boss, they call him [Brain]
We're in the woods, all dark and inky
To conquer the world, go Brain and [Pinky!]
We strolled right past a candy house
Made of sweets that taste good to a [mouse]
To find the dragon, all hot with steam
We must cross this little [stream]
The Murky Mountain's the end of the trail
Soon we'll have a dragon's [toenail]
We walked into the dragon's cave
I was scared, but Brain was [brave]
Go, my dragon to sleepy-land
It's dreamy time, here comes the sand[man]
Brain's the boss, he'll rule with ease
He's number one, the big [cheese]
We'll try again to prove our worth
Escape from the cage and conquer the [Earth]