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"Chase me!"
-Pinky's Mother

Pinky's Mother is a white mouse who, while mentioned on occasion, only appears in one episode of Pinky and the Brain, "The Family That Poits Together, Narfs Together."

She is voiced by comedian Eric Idle.


Prior to the gene-splicing, Pinky's mother looked like an ordinary mouse; she was skinny, with white fur, pink skin on his paws and tail, small eyes, and a pointed red nose.

Post-splicing, Pinky's mother is more anthropomorphic and bears a striking resemblance to her son, Pinky; she is very tall and skinny, with large blue eyes. She also has a bit of blonde fur atop her head to look like hair in a vaguely 1950s-style.

When appearing on The Squeege and Kathy Glee Show, Pinky's mother wears a pink sleeveless sweater, dark green pants, a yellow fanny pack, black shoes, and red lipstick.


Pinky's mother is similar to her son in her optimism and obliviousness; like Pinky, she is friendly but not "quite there" at any given point, never quite understanding what is going on around her. She is incredibly scatter-brained and unfocused as well as incredibly forgetful, shown when she packs nothing but food pellets for their trip, despite not knowing where they're going, and then being confused when this is brought up later. She does not understand what a plane is, object permanence, nor how to write.

She is very fond and proud of her family. She and her husband have a very close relationship and about the same level of mental clarity, and thus agree on almost everything, though Pinky's mother tends to have the "ideas" and he follows. As a game, she will often randomly request that her husband chase her.

Pinky gets his verbal tics (such as "Zort" and "Poit") from her.



Pinky's mother was a normal mouse in a pet store, Totally Pets.[1] She and Pinky's Father had a "meet cute"[2] that resulted in them getting married. At some point, she gave birth to Pinky (and[?] Sis, who they all claim to be part of the family despite her being an empty and seemingly non-sentient spool of thread).[1] Pinky says that his mother used to make him tinfoil sandwiches.[3] In the debatably canon comics, he also says that she told him not to eat packing material (the only advice of hers that he did not follow.)[4]

The family was separated when Pinky was very young, all being put into cages and split apart. Pinky's mother was sold to a first-grade class and remained there for about two years.

Pinky and the Brain[]

Pinky's mother was found by the Brain, who was attempting to organize a family reunion for Pinky so that they could win money on a talk show. He claimed that the mouse was sick and needed to be quarantined before confiscating her and taking her to Acme Labs, where Pinky lived.

In order to prepare them for the talk show, Brain put Pinky's family through the Acme Gene-Splicer so that they would become more sentient. Unfortunately for him, both Pinky's mother and father were as oblivious and airheaded as their son, if not moreso. Pinky's mother was incredibly dim-witted and confused, mistaking a hard floor for dead grass and forgetting about the food pellets she packed (which were the only things she had packed). Pinky's family proceeded to annoy Brain throughout the entire quest, to the point where he tried to replace them before going onto the talk show to avoid embarassment. However, after they wandered onto the set, Pinky claimed them as his family and they won the prize– a $25k vacation all around the world. The family was a exciteed to take another trip in the "big hollow bird."

During their trip, Pinky's family sent him postcards home, and though they didn't know how to write, they would dip their paws in ink and walk around the card.[1]

Contradictory Information[]

In other episodes of Pinky and the Brain and the 2020 Animaniacs reboot, as well as the Animaniacs comics, Pinky references a generally worse relationship with his parents; he says that his mother wore an elaborate disguise right after he was born,[4] and at one point reveals that he has feared becoming "just like his mother."[5] Whether this was a retcon of "The Family That Poits Together, Narfs Together" (or was retconned by) is unknown; however, it is speculated that this worse relationship is in reference to Pinky's upbringing at Acme Labs. Pinky is shown to be very young when arriving at the lab,[6] and at one point mentions a hand-puppet that the scientists would "pretend" was his father;[7] as hand-puppet feeding is used for infant animals, this implies that Pinky was separated from his family too early and this thus affected his development, and that the "hand-puppet dad" may be where Pinky gets his more negative familial issues from.


Comic Stories[]

  • "Listen to Mother" (mentioned)


  • "Here we are then, a lovely spot of grass."
  • "Ooh, you've had your head in the weed-whacker again, haven't you, son? Here, narf! Let's give it a buzzing."
  • "We'll have food pellets for Tuesday lunch, food pellets for supper, then for Wednesday breakfast, I thought... food pellets."
  • "Food pellets? Where will get food pellets?"
  • "I never knew the inside of a bird was so comfy. Poit!"
  • "How do you feed a bird from the inside?"
  • "You know, I was on the telly once. Yes, fell right off."


  • She and her husband share the same voice actor, Eric Idle.
  • In a Nickelodeon promo, Pinky gives his mother a greeting just before the promo ends.