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"Pinky Winky and Brainy Wainy" is a song from the Pinky and the Brain episode "Brain Drained."


It is performed by Wendy (voiced by Gail Matthius) during her and her partner's pitch for a fictitious Pinky and the Brain-adventure (unknown to them a ploy by The Brain to steal plans for world domination under the guise of a TV series pitch). The song is a parody of overly-"sappy" shows such as The Smurfs. Brain appears to be absolutely horrified and disgusted throughout it, while Pinky enjoys it. The song is also briefly reprised in the end of the cartoon by Pinky.


Pinky and Brainy
They're Winky and Wainy
They live in a mushroom!
With ponies, and gnomes, and giaraffes
And ladybugs! And gentleman bugs
And a fuzzy-wuzzy troglodyte
And a duck-billed platypus
And a polar bear named Jacob!
And a big funny giant
With floppy ears named Morton
And leprechauns and fireflies
And lots of invisible friends too!


  • The rather large cast of "colorful" characters in the song could possibly be interpreted as another jab by the writers at Kids' WB!'s demands to add additional characters to the show, while the song itself may be a parody of their demands to alter the show's formula.