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Pinky and The Brain: The Master Plan is a 2002 platformer video game developed by Warthog and published by SWING/Conspiracy Entertainment and Warner Bros. Interactive for the Game Boy Advance, and is based on the Animaniacs characters and spin-off show Pinky and The Brain. In the game, Pinky and The Brain create a "master plan" that ensures world domination, however two evil rat doppelgangers, Doofus and Roofus, steal Brain's plan, Pinky and The Brain set off and chase Doofus and Roofus to take back the "master plan".

Pinky and The Brain: The Master Plan is the first Animaniacs-related and Pinky and The Brain-related project to be released after Wakko's Wish and the cancellation of the original Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, and Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain. It is also the first Pinky and the Brain-specific project since 1999 not to feature Elmyra Duff in any capacity (barring Animaniacs-related appearances). The game was released exclusively in Europe on August 30, 2002.


One night in Acme Labs, Brain concocts what he believes is his "Master Plan". As he and Pinky sleep for the night, two recently-spliced rats named Roofus and Doofus take the plans for themselves. Pinky and Brain must follow them around to retrieve the pages to Brain's plan.


Pinky and the Brain: The Master Plan is a 2D platforming game. The player must make their way to the end of a level by jumping through obstacles and defeating enemies. The player controls the mice with Left and Right on the D-Pad. Up and Down scroll the camera, the A button makes the characters jump, and the R button makes the characters sprint.

There are two playable characters: Pinky and Brain. The character being played as can be switched by pressing L when possible. Pinky can jump high, but is more vulnerable to hits due to his height, while Brain cannot jump high but is shorter. Collecting a green cheese power-up initiates a special action to the mice: Brain's brain swells up to give him the ability to ascend to the air, while Pinky gains the ability to destroy block walls. Pinky and Brain can use a pistol-like item known as the Zapperoo, which lets the mice shoot projectiles at their enemies with the B button.

Pinky and The Brain can resist up to one hit. If the mouse in play gets hit, it is knocked out and disappears from the screen, and the secondary mouse takes place. If the mice have the Zapperoo in hand, they lose it when they get hit. If the lonesome mouse is hit, the player loses a life. The game ends if Pinky and the Brain lose all of their lives, but can be continued if the player has continues remaining.

Other power-ups are available, such as pieces of the "master plan" which are scattered throughout the stage, and initiate a mini-game when 99 are collected, a 1-UP item, and a continue item that grants an extra continue that the player can use after losing all of their lives. Letters that spell PINKY and BRAIN are scattered throughout each stage. If all 10 letters are collected, the player can play the Picture Jumble mini-game, a memory match game that awards extra lives.

There are puzzle bonus-stages at the end of some stages where the player has to solve a puzzle.

Pinky and The Brain: The Master Plan also features multiplayer modes, which can be played from 2 to 4 players using the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable.



  • This is:
    • The first Animaniacs-related product to be released exclusively in Europe.
    • The first Animaniacs-related product to be released on the Game Boy Advance.
  • The first time an Animaniacs-related project had been released following "Wakko's Wish".
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