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Pinky and The Brain: World Conquest is a 1998 PC game based on the characters Pinky and The Brain from Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain. It was developed by SouthPeak Interactive and was published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.



In World Conquest, Pinky and the Brain explore various mazes in the cyberspace. The player's goal is to capture as many fields as possible in a given time. The player can also choose one of the two game modes in which he wants to score points. In land mode, the participant's task is to get a certain percentage of the globe. In the tag mode in the maze, an element of cheese has been added, which the player must keep in his possession as long as possible. Unexpected difficulties await the player, including false walls or portal walls.


The main cast reprises their roles from the TV series.



  • The box-art for this game features Pinky and the Brain recreating the Atlas statue.
  • The game's FMV cutscenes are composed of clips from various episodes of Pinky and the Brain (particularly episodes from the show's third season), with new audio being dubbed over some existing clips.
  • This is the first video game to feature Pinky and the Brain by themselves, and also the first video game to be based on the spin-off series.
  • This was released along with the Animaniacs PlayStation game Ten Pin Alley during the holiday season in 1998.



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