Brain and Pinky try to take over the world...with a new mouse, Larry. But can a third mouse really fit in with Pinky and Brain?


  • Larry Fine impersonator Billy West voiced Larry (using pretty much his Stimpy voice).

Three Stooges References

  • Larry is an obvious parody of Larry Fine,the middle man in the Three Stooges,which Larry also plays.
  • The Three Stooges theme song plays often in this episode.
  • In one scene,Brain gets wallpaper on his head,making him look like Moe Howard,a member of the Three Stooges. This is more obvious since each of them is supposed to represent a Three Stooge,Brain:Moe,Larry:Larry,and Pinky:Curly.
  • The idea of Brain,Pinky,and Larry posing as wallpaper hangers references that many cartoons featured The Three Stooges doing odd jobs.

Regular References