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Pinky and the Brain: Cosmic Attractions is the third VHS release for the Pinky and the Brain spin-off series. It was first released on November 4, 1997 in North America.



"Houston, we've got a problem!" The world's wackiest lab mice stow away on the Space Shuttle and hijack the Hubbell Telescope to melt the polar ice cap. The world faces more than global warming. The whole thing starts out as an outrageous real estate scam, and ends-up out of this world!

Around the World in 80 Narfs

In 19th Century England, Pinky and The Brain accept the challenge to circle the globe in 79 days as a foothold to the British Empire and then the world!

List of Episodes


  • One of the thumbnails on the back cover features art of The Brain from the Animaniacs: You WILL Buy This Video! and Pinky and the Brain: World Domination Tour VHS releases.
  • The back cover art is inspired by the episode "Das Mouse" (the episode is also pictured in a thumbnail). However, the episode is not included on the tape itself.
    • A similar incident occurred with the prior VHS release, Pinky and the Brain: World Domination Tour.
  • In the synopsis for "Fly," "Hubble" is misspelled as "Hubbell."


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