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Pinky and the Brain: Mice of the Jungle is the fourth and final[1] VHS release for the Pinky and the Brain spin-off series. It was first released on November 4, 1997 in North America. The tape is themed-around Brain's nemesis, Snowball.



The Brain's letter writing scheme is stolen by a brilliant but evil laboratory hamster named Snowball. He tries everything, but The Brain can't stop Snowball from taking over the world, which leaves poor Pinky stuck as the mouse in the middle.

Welcome to the Jungle[]

Can Pinky and The Brain learn to live like wild animals, or will they lose their survival struggle in the great outdoors? When they're set free in the wilderness Brain's scientific knowledge is useless. But when the lord of the jungle turns out to be their old enemy Snowball, The Brain changes tactics quicker than Pinky can say, "Narf!"

List of Episodes[]


  • The back cover art features Brain in his human suit, which plays a big part in the "Snowball" episode included on this tape.


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