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Pinky and the Brain: World Domination Tour is the second VHS release for the Pinky and the Brain spin-off series. It was first released on August 13, 1996 in North America. The tape was also released in Australia.


Greetings, future minions! Now that you have completely absorbed the hypnotic message on my first home video release You WILL Buy This Video! (if you have not, DO SO NOW!), it is time for you to follow me in my ultimate quest - that of WORLD DOMINATION! I have prepared this TOP-SECRET informational video in which my partner Pinky (Narf!) and I travel the globe and explore its wonders. From Russia to London to Switzerland to Japan, we survey the terrain which shall soon be mine!

This is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY! Do not show this tape to anyone! Make them BUY THEIR OWN, and I promise that with the increased profits, perhaps there will be the ultimate gesture of good will - FREE T-SHIRTS FOR EVERYONE! Enjoy and obey. As Always, Your Leader,

- The Brain

List of Episodes[]

You WILL Think These Cartoons Are Fantastic:



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