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This article contains information about product(s) in the Animaniacs franchise that were cancelled and has never received an official release.
As the product(s) have never been released to the public or had been released officially, information may be inaccurate.

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Pinky and the Brain is a cancelled action video game based on the characters Pinky and The Brain, seen in Animaniacs and the Pinky and The Brain spin-off series. Pinky and The Brain would've seen Pinky and The Brain attempt to take over the world by travelling through time.

The game was originally planned to be published by Konami, and was due for January 1997[1], to be released on the PlayStation[2] and Sega Saturn. According to game composer Mark Lindsey, the game was about partially complete before the game was cancelled due to leader and management issues.[3] The game was never reported of afterwards and was quietly cancelled.[4]

The game Pinky and the Brain is considered to be a form of lost media.


The game was planned to be a single-player action game, according to Electronic Gaming Monthly issue 084, page 75. According to the game's composer Mark "Fix" Lindsey and the official Konami website, the game was a maze game, featuring both first person and third person perspectives.[5] The game was composed of multiple play styles, with some levels including puzzle solving and shooter style action. The game would've featured a time-travelling theme, and would taken place in certain areas such as a grandfather clock in the 1800s, a disco nightclub in the 1970s, a Norweigan cheese factory in the 1900s.[3] Both Pinky and The Brain were intended to be playable characters, each mice with their own respective abilities. [6][7] Aside from said info, no footage of proper gameplay is known to have released to the public.

The soundtrack of the game has been uploaded to Mark "Fix" Lindsey's SoundCloud profile, listed below.



  • If this game were to be finished, it would've been the third Animaniacs-related game to be published by Konami.
    • It would've also been the first Pinky and the Brain title to be published by Konami.
    • It would've also been the first and only Animaniacs-related title to be released on the Sega Saturn.
  • According to a Twitter reply, Rob Paulsen states he has no knowledge of Konami's Pinky and The Brain.[8]
    • It is very likely that the game had been cancelled before possible voice casting commenced.


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