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Pinky and the Brain is a recurring segment on Animaniacs focusing on Pinky and The Brain, two genetically-spliced lab mice who come up with various plans to take over the world. A running gag for this segment is where Brain asks Pinky if he is pondering what he is pondering; to which Pinky usually replies with something drastically different from Brain's thoughts.

In 1995, they were later spun-off into their own series with the same title, that lasted until 1998. However, while they had their own series, they still sporadically appeared in Animaniacs. Their spin-off series, in turn, spun-off another series called Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain (adding Elmyra Duff) which did not fare well with the audience or crew.

The segment returns in the 2020 reboot, structurally closer to the 1993 and 1995 shows with additional character/story developments. Following the reboot, the mice received a mini-series in 2023: The Brain Teaches World Domination (a promotional tie-in with MasterClass).

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Pinky and the brain season 1 poster art

To prove their mousey worth, they'll overthrow the Earth...

Pinky and the Brain are two genetically-spliced lab mice that reside inside a cage in Acme Labs. The Brain is a genius and is mostly serious, but Pinky is goofy and energetic. Both have the desire to take over the world [note 1] and help each other out to fulfill their world domination goals with different schemes, but end up failing every time they do.[2] In some cases, the mice end up in more stranger situations and must save the world instead, in order to be able to conquer it the next day.


Only Animaniacs-related skits are listed here. For episodes from the 1995 series, see Episode Guide (Pinky and the Brain). For the shorts from the mini-series The Brain Teaches World Domination, see The Brain Teaches World Domination#Episodes.

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  1. Pinky’s true ambitions are contradictory at best. He deduces in "Of Mice and Memes" that his and Brain’s relationship isn’t based on a shared desire to conquer the world, but rather his enabling of Brain’s systematic emotional and physical abuse. "Happy Narfday" however, shows "take over the world" is an item on Pinky's birthday list.


  1. This counts each part of multi-part cartoons as individual segments.
  2. Just Toys Animaniacs Bend-Ems Box Description
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